Greg Trif & Louis Modugno


Effective appellate advocacy is not a mere regurgitation of trial level points and authorities.  Rather, appellate arguments must be creative, original and crafted cogently.

Trif & Modugno attorneys regularly appear in state and federal appellate courts.  Their success is grounded in their ability to assess, select, and effectively employ the strongest appellate arguments, while fully considering the jurisprudence and proclivities of the relevant court.  Indeed, they are meticulous in examining facts and arguments presented at the trial court level and developing new and sophisticated ways to effectively present cases on appeal.  Trif & Modugno attorneys are also highly skilled at crafting credible and compelling arguments suitable for appellate review and effectively presenting client positions and associated legal arguments to appellate courts.  Briefs submitted by Trif and Modugno attorneys – which are arguably the most important element of appellate practice – are second to none.