Greg Trif & Louis Modugno

Internal Investigation

The attorneys at Trif & Modugno are often called on to conduct prompt and thorough internal investigations to help organizations satisfy legal obligations, take remedial action, and manage risk and liability.  Our attorneys have extensive experience conducting complex internal investigation in a broad range of substantive areas including allegations of harassment and discrimination, officer, director and manager improprieties and misconduct, fraud, corruption, breaches of corporate policy, improper disclosure or use of proprietary information, betrayal of corporate trust, breach of fiduciary duties, false claims act allegations and violations of state or federal laws and regulations.  

When conducting internal investigations, our attorneys always proceed with discretion, but thoroughly, with the goal of uncovering, gathering and analyzing information and documents at the root of the subject investigation.  We strive to complete the investigation with minimal disruption to our client’s organization and ongoing business activities.  At the conclusion of the investigation, our attorneys make independent assessments and recommendations to our clients, and develop and help implement personalized, effective compliance programs.