Greg Trif & Louis Modugno

Employment and Labor

Trif & Modugno attorneys understand that business facing decisions about labor and employment issues need a trusted advisor who can provide them with strategic, practical and effective solutions.  Our attorneys have a keen understanding of the legal, business and practical needs of our clients and are positioned to respond quickly and effectively to situations involving intellectual capital and customer relationships.  From complex class actions and multi-jurisdictional cases to single-plaintiff wrongful discharge or discrimination cases—and the full range of labor or employment matters in between—our attorneys work closely with our clients to develop case budgets and litigation plans to meet their needs, assist in tracking and controlling costs and work toward a winning solution. 

Trif & Modugno attorneys represent clients across the spectrum of labor and employment litigation matters in trial and appellate courts at the administrative, federal and state level and in arbitrations and other dispute resolution proceedings, including cases involving allegations of unfair competition, trade secrets, enforcement of restrictive covenants and wage and hour actions.  

Our attorneys also represent employers in avoiding, creatively resolving and defending against claims for harassment, equal pay, state labor law, discrimination, whistleblower/retaliation and wrongful discharge. 

Trif & Modugno also regularly represents clients in dealings with labor unions from the initial contacts during an organizing campaign to the litigation of unfair labor practices, negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and processing of grievances and arbitrations.  We recognize that clients confronted with decisions about employment and labor issues need a trusted advisor who can provide them with strategic, practical and effective solutions.